Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s Report
Annual Meeting, September 24, 2017.

The annual meeting opened at 1:05 pm in the Red Barn with President Ginny Gingras presiding.  She introduced Board members present, and members in attendance introduced themselves.  She asked for approval of the Secretary’s Report from the Annual Meeting of September 25, 2016.  A motion was made by Ann, seconded by Joe to accept the minutes.

Ginny referred members to the President’s Report printed inside the Annual Report for a summary of the year’s activities.  She indicated that a small group of officers and directors are working diligently to maintain the historic Valley Falls Farm property and to work with Recreation Director, Marty Sitler, to preserve Valley Falls Park.  Ginny again credited benefactor Bunny Shepard for her contribution toward the establishment of the “Valley Falls Farm Fund,” our endowment fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.  She also spoke about the importance of recruiting new volunteers, asking members to get involved on our various Committees:  Communications and Outreach, Business Development, Buildings and Grounds, and Special Projects.

Bob Letendre, Treasurer, summarized the treasurer’s report for fiscal year 2016-2017, printed inside on pages 10-13 of the Annual Report.  He thanked members for their contributions which remain at approximately $10,000 yearly, and Jim Hodges Race runners for their contributions.  He reported annual revenue of $39,042; one-half of that sum is made up of a full year of apartment rental income.  Expenses of $40,479, are partly covered by reimbursements from the CT State grant.  Bob mentioned expenditures to The Architects to secure local permitting for development of the Heritage Center.  Finally, Bob said that the purpose of the endowment fund is to secure the future viability of Valley Falls Farm, and it will rely on members’ continued generosity.  Joe moved to file the treasurer’s report for audit, Bill Wardrop seconded his motion.

An audit committee consisting of Margaret Verdon and Paula Passaretti examined the financial statements and found them in order in September, 2017.

Committee reports followed.  The nominating committee submitted a proposed slate of officers for 2017-19:  President, Joe King; Vice President, Karin James; Treasurer, Bob Letendre; Secretary, Jean Merz.  Directors, Ann Letendre, Ginny Gingras, Don Sierakowski, and Paula Passaretti.  Ginny asked for nominations from the floor; seeing none, the secretary cast one vote for the ballot.  Jean thanked Ginny for her many years of leadership, and Ginny outlined Joe’s work experience and dedicated years of voluntary service on our Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Our beekeeper, Allen Valli, reported that there was scarce honey this year.  He had only a few jars to sell.

The business meeting was adjourned at 1:25 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Jean Merz, Secretary

Our guest speaker was Paul Colburn, Connecticut Master Wildlife Conservationist.  He spoke about “Coyotes in Connecticut.”  He gave a power point presentation on the natural history, habitat, diet, and behavior of CT’s coyote population.