Artists’ Day, September 10, 2023  postponed until Oct 1, 2023

Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to bring their paints and easels to ARTISTS’ DAY at Valley Falls Farm, 345 Valley falls Road, Vernon, CT 06066, on  September 10.  Sunday, October 1, 2023.  Artists can come in the morning and choose a spot to set up, somewhere on the scenic grounds of the Farm to paint in “Plein Aire.”  Visitors are invited to come from 12-3 pm to watch the artists paint, enjoy the vistas and music provided by the group “Oh, Brother,” and perhaps purchase a painting by one of our talented local artists.  Dorothy Hall will speak in the Stable at 2 pm on “AI in the Art Community.”  The Heritage Center will be open as well.  Come with your family and friends and spend a lovely fall afternoon at Valley Falls Farm and Heritage Center.  Check in at the Red Barn basement for info.  Admission is free!

Parking is limited for artists at the barn lot.  Public Parking is available at Valley Falls Park, just a short path away from the action at the Farm and the Red Barn.