As you are paging through your Jan/Feb, 2022 issue of Yankee Magazine?  On page 8, you might recognize a familiar sight featured in the “Let it Snow!, standout shots from around New England.”  It’s a photo submitted by photographer Giovanni Dumeng (@giotakesphotos) of the Valley Falls red barn!  This one-page feature in each issue of YANKEE depicts six quintessential New England scenes.  Using Yankee’s Instagram hashtag #mynewengland, anyone can send in a photo for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue.  Yankee selects photos to fit a common theme.  This issue’s theme is “Let it Snow.”  The photo shows our red barn dressed in snow, right after a storm.  If you doubleclick on this photo, you may be able to get a glimpse of the manure shed down the road to the right……check it out!

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